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I'd be classic wow gold hardpressed

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    Sep 7
    Legion had stuff I didn't like but I'd be classic wow gold hardpressed to actually recall them. I am looking forward to SL.Expressing your opinion how good/bad any expansion was is dangerousterritory with this sub.However, yeah, imo Legion was among the very best.Best expansion to date, no discussion.

    Anyone else whichsays differently is just chasing nostalgia.Screw being behind dps meters for weeks and months because I didnt have the BiSlegendary.In my view should have just got rid of this mythical system.

    Really ruined the name legendary and has been theequivalent of getting a blue out of a rare. Not really exciting compared to getting different legendaries like previous expansionsthat required time and effort to get em. Legendaries in Legion were massive, many changed gameplay hugely for the courses that gotthemand you think that the"old" legendaries were improved? The majority of them only had large stats and no real impact ongameplay...

    The most important difficulty was that they kept doubling back on the system after it had obviously failed. It could'veonly been"that weird buy gold wow classic eu thing we had to deal with for one patch," but instead they let it leave a black mark on the entire expansion.Edit: miracle that member of the dev team downvoted me.Even though I loathed the mythical system, everything else about theexpansion was awesome. .