I am Falxmaster

  • Urns might have a fantastic use this incentive exp weekend. It's rather simple the moment you log on teleport all your prepeared full urns away to OSRS gold give you a nice chunck of exp to provide you a great start to the bonus exp weekend. Even though you simply may have 10 full urns in 1 skill at a time. Together with 61 crafting 10 Powerful woodcutting urns will give you 44887.5 exp. With 62 crafting 10 Infernal urns will give you 50625 exp.

    Although the exp profits may not be enormous 40k/50k exp in skill in a minute is very helpful and also at current prices 10 Infernal urns will save you 1.4mill at present prices, should you utilize dragon bones.

    Hello Everyone! I am Falxmaster, and I intend on creating a reality-show kind comedy movie series on YouTube around Noobs, and also the name (unfinalized) is Runescape Noobs Exposed, but it sounds somewhat close to TehNoobShow's God's Exposed- therefore I am coming up with a brand new name. See the rest of the subject for how to Audition. You don't have to become a true noob, but if it's possible to behave try it out! Not a discussion, just post your opinion between them both.

    Oldschool being 01-07 and newschool from 08-Now. Discuss adapting to the new style of playing (in case you recently joined from the 3 year break) Talk about the loot difference since new items are added. Overall simplicity of things. And general fun. I still enjoy pking now. I used to RuneScape gold buy wear just a coif (looking like a complete noob) trap runes, tele block runes, msb 200 rune arrows array pot and remainder sharks and totally dominate. I attempted that the day wildy came back with an adequate range pure outfit going on and got merkled.