Release an update to this real quick

  • Cool. Id play with if my account was not caught up in the permaban sweep years ago when RuneScape gold they automatic that shit and it went horribly wrong. No appeal process or anything, just bloop, years of work and hundreds of dollars down the drain.I managed to get my account back from this. It took a couple of attempts, but I think about 2 years back I got it back.How? I have sent SO many messages over the years. The problem is that the claim is botting, which instantly causes it to have a zero appeals procedure. No access to the Forums or Support or anything.

    It's a recent thing as well. A good deal of people who have been permabanned from years past have been unbanned due to appeals. I really don't know how they do it, but if you have not attempted an appeal in the past several decades, it's worth trying again if you would like to play your old account. And yeah, this includes people banned for botting. Yea I had the exact same claim against my accounts. I want to mention that there was an appeal buttonbut I could have just emailed support directly. Either way that was their answer. "After a detailed review of the accounts, we identified a period of unusual activity around the time of the offence. Consequently, we have removed any offences which occurred during this period as we think they weren't committed by the founder of this account."

    The identical thing occurred to mepersonally, but I'm not super mad since at any point I got an email about suspicious account activity and that I dismissed it, so as far as I understand my account could have been used for botting by somebody. I recently started a new account and it has been fine, but moreover nostalgia, frankly RuneScape gameplay just is not that fun for me anymore. I wish it had more to do with friends, rather than being one participant grind simulator.

    They've been around a good streak of unbanning accounts for individuals that were wrongly banned years ago. Been seeing many posts about people and getting their accounts back. Ever since then I've only played occasionally to check out RuneScape game. My account got banned for botting once I wasn't even subscribed to RuneScape match. Idk if it was a super late prohibit or a fictitious ban of cheap OSRS gold but I did not bother creating another account then.

    Just wanted to release an update to this real quick. Following a day of jumping through hoops to get my login info to work, I successfully got into my accounts and yall were perfect! My permaban from 4 years ago was raised! I was worried I had been gone so long that my account had definitely been hacked and my cash and things gone, but NOPE! Its there!