The treatment which you use for oily hair

  • Often we have more androgen levels during puberty, or males who are taking steroid enhancing drugs will also have higher levels of the hormone. Other causes may include the time of year, and the overall temperature. If it is hot and sticky outside, then we are more likely to sweat and therefore our hair can get really oily. Over washing can also be a big problem for people who suffer from oily hair.

    This is because our scalps naturally produce moisture to protect the scalp, but when we over wash our hair, it can wash away the natural moisture and the scalp will think that it needs more, hence you will end up with too much moisture in the hair, leaving it oily and dull. Treatment Available  The treatment which you use for oily hair will vary depending upon the severity of it. There are hair products especially designed for oily hair which are not as moisturized as some other products.

    You should also avoid over brushing your hair, and cleaning your hair brush every now and again is a great idea. Although over washing your hair can often cause it to become more oily, it is said that the hair should be washed more frequently than if it were dry. This is to make sure that the scalp is cleansed. If you do decide to wash your hair daily, make sure you are using a mild shampoo. Also, oil can build up on your pillow case so always make sure that you wash your bedding frequently otherwise the oil will easily transfer to your hair and make it oily.

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    Some women also find that the contraceptive pill can help with oily hair. Strangely enough if you do not treat your oily hair, you could end up with acne on your chest, face and back as if you touch your hair, you will be touching the oil, which you will then spread onto other parts of your body, causing the skin to become oily too. Also, leaving the hair oily often causes more damage to the hair and it can lead to potential problems such as dandruff.It is thought that the best shampoo available to treat oily hair contains lemon.